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Added: June 14, 2008 | Runtime: 32:42 | 722 Photos
Victoria is a big titted Latina nurse who looks like she has a touch of down syndrome. Maybe it's the hair cut. Anyways, this puta was as submissive as her tits are big. We had her barfing over a dog bowl as cocks jammed her throat. I must have put about a dozen hand prints on those big floppy fajita tits of hers. One thing about this Latina puta was she loved to get fucked. She screamed like one of those South American dictators you see on Fox News screaming with a rifle in his hand. After we fucked her and nutted on her face we told her that if she wanted her money she had to smash the piñata. This puta swung the bat at that piñata like Sammy Sosa. Her money fell out along with packets of ketchup we stuffed in there too. I guess we figured she could put them to use.

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