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Added: June 18, 2010 | Runtime: 49:19 | 381 Photos
Martina is a cute Mexican that really surprised me when she walked through the door. She seemed to have her shit together, she is a student at a big University, and is beautiful. Bootleg walks in and looks at her and his eyes open wide, with a WTF look. We get some hot chicks, but it's like Christmas when we get to release the dogs on a whore of this caliber. This is her first porno. She's not a stupid escort, or even a stupid dancer, because most of these whores have done something sexual for money in their past, so stop sanctifying these whores. I digress. She got cock right down her face. She was a little diva at first but that ended fast. We flipped her over and started drilling her throat like a BP oil well searching for light, sweet crude. What came was crude, but it wasn't light and sweet. Then she pops that Latina ass. Her little pink pussy is right there, and her little back dimples are just telling us to tear loose. She got cock good. She was never dicked up like this before, and Big Red made sure that his 9 inch Irish pipe was going balls deep, 100% of the time. Then we all nutted on her face, and she sat there trying to keep a proud look on her face, but anyone with half a brain knows that pride, and three loads to the face cannot exist at the same time.

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