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Georgia Lopez

Added: November 5, 2010 | Runtime: 47:50 | 559 Photos
Today I'm full of brown pride. I mean who wouldn't be! We have a new heavyweight champ in the UFC. Not to mention, my landscaper told me, "Mr. Duke, I give you discount this week, maing." So I'm a pig in shit today, and when you throw me a hot Mexican piece of ass I'm as happy as someone who successfully made it over the border. Anyways, this chick got off to a slow start but really made a hustle to show us she is a champion deep throater. She was taking cock balls deep almost the entire time, and we aren't talking small cocks either. She took some good slaps to the chops as well, and that seemed to keep her in line. This was also the first time she got fucked this hard, too. At first it hurt her tight little pussy, but after awhile she loved having the gringo cocks penetrate her over and over and over and over. After awhile that got boring, and we sat her down on the floor. We gave her an appropriate magic marker tattoo across her chest before we all jizzed on her face. She sat there dumbfounded as 4 gringo cocks dumped loads all over her head.

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